Gutters installation in San Antonio, Texas is just as ignored as everywhere else. The majority of homeowners doesn’t know a lot about roofing systems, especially gutters in San Antonio TX. Roofing is simply not a regular topic in men or women magazines, so it’s automatically neglected. That’s why a lot of people simply isn’t aware of the importance of gutters.  You can get your quality gutters in San Antonio TX.  Quality gutters may be the most important part of the roofing system, and they still don’t get enough attention. You would be surprised if you only knew that most of the problems with leaky roof or moisture in your attic are due to clogging or damaged gutter system. That’s why we recommend you to maintain your gutters and replace them if needed regularly. Today, we are going to acknowledge you with some basic information on types of drains and the process of installation.


Since our article is more about the process of installation, we are not going to focus a lot on materials of gutters. Still, we find that you have to know primary materials in use.

You can have your gutters in vinyl. It is the easiest to work with, and you never have to paint it. However, over time it can become brittle.  The most common material is aluminum because it is lightweight, rustproof and affordable. Then there is copper- the premium long lasting material for which you will need to spend more money.  And of course, steel and seamless steel gutters.  Seamless steel gutters are more expensive, but they are extremely attractive.



Installing gutters can be your personal DIY project, or you can let the professionals from Reilly Roofing handle it. The process is relatively similar in both cases, so we are going to go over some main point in the procedure of installation.

Map your house

Before doing anything, it is necessary to map your home. Making a map of your home and your gutter system will help in installing a new one. By mapping, we can for sure determine the length of the drain run and the number of downspouts we will need to install. So, what we do first is collect all the information we need on the construction of your home and gutter system so we could efficiently install a new one without damaging anything surrounding the area. re.

 Finding the best gutter position

After we are done with measuring and mapping, we evaluate the information and try to see the best gutter position for your home. We do that by focusing on the gutter run and it helps improve the overall performance of the gutter system.


Gutters can’t work without downspouts, and it’s crucial to have an optimal number of them. We attach the downspouts outlets at the end of the house and close to the end of the gutter run.

Gutter hangers and corners

We finally attach the gutter hangers and nail them firmly. Gutter hangers give the gutters support, so they are necessary for having a functional gutter system. If you are doing a DIY project, it’s a good idea to cover your gutter corners with gutter covers. It will help prevent leaking and expand lifetime of your gutters

Gutter section installation

After we’ve done everything, we connect gutter sections to the ground. It may sound complicated, but thanks to our specials tools and equipment this step is simple. We put the gutters into the gutter hanger with our connecting tools. After we’ve covered that, we install the drain pipes- end that’s it. You have your rain draining system.

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