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Today, there are so many new roofing materials that it is simply silly to pick the asphalt shingles. The market has changed, and, today, it offers you a variety of roofing materials that can be used to roof your property. If you want to be sure that you have chosen the right one, get informed and talk to your contractor. 

We are here to inform you about one particular material which caught our attention lately. It is time for you to start considering metal roofing system in San Antonio TX as the perfect option for you. It has many advantages, and it can bring you so many good things. So, why not dive into this article and find out more.

It won’t leave you!

Let’s do some numbers first. An average asphalt roof will last you around 20 to 25 years if you take really, really good care of it. A slate roof will last you for about hundreds of years, but it is very expensive. Metal roofing systems have an average lifespan of about 60 years. That is just amazing. And you will pay a little more than you would for the asphalt shingles. Metal is perfect for rain and snow so that you will have no problem living in bad weather conditions.


Tiles can weight up to 750 pounds per square while metal shingle sections or panels weight only 100 pounds per square. This probably doesn’t mean much to you but when you learn that this could save you a lot of money, you will probably be interested. You will not have to pay for a supporting structure nor the additional laborers because this material is lightweight.

Installing it is easy!

Related to what we have just said, working with metal is a very enjoyable procedure for contractors. They don’t have to deal with heavy blocks, no sticking included, and they can’t hurt themselves. Overall, a very easy installation.

Class A!

Another reason why we love metal roofing systems is that they possess a class A rating. This means that is completely fire resistant and that is a major plus in our opinion. If you wondered why the metal roof is often installed together with wood, it’s because it has to have something to ignite in intense heat, to earn a Class A rating.


We are so happy to notice that our clients are asking for a green factor in each material more and more lately. For all you nature enthusiasts, this material is an ideal option. You may think, but it’s metal, what can it do? Well, it reflects the sun and, therefore, minimizes the heat in a hot day. This way you will save energy and money.

Pitch or no pitch!

Sometimes, a pitch can be a very important detail to think about before installing a new roof. Unlike other roofing materials, the metal roof can be installed on a gently pitched base and there will not be any problems. You can even save some money because it can be installed over your old roof.

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