What Can Harm Your Roof And How To Prevent It From Happening Again

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At least once in the lifetime of your roof, you will probably need to repair it. This will happen no matter how well you maintain it or which material it is made of. There are some crucial places of your roof that demand special attention. Most roofing repairs in San Antonio, Texas will be related to things listed below. To simplify everything to you we decided not to write a big article but rather to compose a list of problematic areas. So, if you want to find out what can you do in order to avoid constant roofing repairs, keep reading.

What is going on with your installation?

Problems often appear because of incorrect or poor installation. If you want to avoid this, make sure that you hired a professional contractor instead of the cheapest one. If you make a mistake hiring a professional, you will have to rehire and replace your roof all over again.

 Keep it safe from moisture

Most roofing companies find the worst enemy of your roof to be water and water in any form. It is quite true that rain, hail snow or anything moist can cause a leak. Moisture can also go through the roof and can cause mold to grow inside your home. Try to coat your roof and make sure you have quality shingles.

Flashing is crucial

A piece of metal that seals the places where your roof is penetrated is called flashing. Objects that require flashing are skylights, chimneys, heating and cooling systems and so on. Over time flashing can loosen up or it was not properly attached. In those cases, room for water to come in will appear. That is why you have to make sure that everything is sealed properly. If you notice that it is not, you can fix this problem by yourself.


Small animals like birds or insects that you would never blame for roof damage can do a lot. Except for annoying you, they will also leave scratches and holes behind. Be sure to coat your roof with preservatives and coats to keep them away.

Punctures and holes

Punctures and holes are often not taken into consideration as much as they should be. These can evolve into bigger problems that you may think.  Water will find a way through them to flow directly into your home. To avoid this from happening to make sure to inspect your roof after every storm.

Notice your behavior

Even you can be a problematic area. The worst mistake we do is that we walk on our roof thinking it is okay. This happens on multiple occasions without you even noticing;  when you are installing Christmas lights, cleaning the gutters or inspecting your roof. Always wear walking pads because this will prevent cracks, scratches, and holes you could leave behind.

Poor maintenance

Your roof does not require a lot of care but you shouldn’t neglect it completely.  If you do not remove algae or debris then you probably will not care about holes and scratches. This is not a good way to treat your roof and it will put you in a financial and structural problem eventually.  Proper inspection and care can help a lot to your roof and keep it young as long as possible.

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