One of the greatest cities in Texas, with a rich culture and long history, certainly is San Antonio.  This beautiful city is the fastest growing and one of the most populated cities in the US. During the years, San Antonio has changed, but all that changes made San Antonio as it is today. Beautiful, historic city that should be the top destination for everyone that still hasn’t been there.

How was the city discovered?

At the end of the 17 century, Spanish expedition in the area discovered this astonishing place occupied by the Indian community. That beautiful place had a river, and since it was Saint Anthony of Padua feast day, they named it San Antonio River. But the actual founding of the city happened in 1718, by Antonio Olivares.

A few years later, San Antonio became the target for many other missions. During the missions, San Antonio started its growth with a little help from Juan Leal Goraz. In 1749 it became the host for Spanish Governor’s Palace and only a decade later, San Antonio had its first church – San Fernando de Béxar Church. 15 years later, In 1773 San Antonio became the largest Spanish city in Texas and the capital city of The Spanish (Mexican) Texas.

Texas Revolution

During the 19 century San Antonio was going through a rough time because of the Texas Revolution. During the revolution, San Antonio was the host for several battles, including the siege of Bexar in 1835 and the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. The Battle of Alamo was very emotional since there were only 189 defenders against 4,000 opposites, and they held on for 13 days. After that point, things have started to change.

After Mexican evacuation, the Republic of Texas has organized Bexar County and named San Antonio as its capital city.  But that wasn’t the end of the violence. In the next 10 years there wary severa others battles on this territory which had an enormous effect on the population decrease.

What happened after the Texas Revolution?

After the Texas Revolution, once that Texas entered the Union (1845), San Antonio started to grow rapidly. Only a few decades later, there were more than 8,000 residents in San Antonio.

While talking about the San Antonio’s history, it’s impossible not to mention the Civil War. After the War has finished, San Antonio became the biggest military, mercantile, and distribution center of the region.

The growth of San Antonio was unstoppable. It kept growing and expanding and nowadays there are 1,409,019 residents in San Antonio.

San Antonio today

San Antonio today is a beautiful place with a rich culture. If you take a walk through the city, you can see many monuments to their history.

Each year San Antonio hosts a special Fiesta San Antonio. It’s a celebration of diverse cultures and of their heroes who made this possible and saved the town in the Battle of San Jacinto and Battle of Alamo.

Next year, San Antonio is celebrating its 300 birthday, and we’ll be joining at Reilly Roofing San Antonio, Texas

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