San Antonio is proud of their kings – the Spurs. The Spurs are a professional basketball team with a long history. Even though they had some ups and downs, they remained still and reborn just like a phoenix, ready to conquer the world. They are also the only team from San Antonio in four major US professional leagues. It’s not surprising that almost every kid dreams of becoming the member of this team when he grows up.

The history of Spurs – basketball kings of San Antonio

The Spurs are the heroes of San Antonio. They are the kings of the NBA with the highest winning percentage for any franchise in NBA. The Spurs have earned five medals, from 1999 to 2014 under the leadership of Gregg Popovich and made the entire San Antonio proud of them.


These years were game-changing for the Spurs. The Duncan has arrived at the team and they won 56 games and took over the league and the championship. It was their season and everyone was proud of them.


This was one of the toughest seasons of the Spurs since Robinson has announced that he’s planning to retire. But the team was brave and bold as usual. They wanted this season to be special and – it was. They won 60 games in the season.


This was a really interesting year for the Spurs. The players have changed and Duncan had the support from the Ginobili and Parker. That year, Duncan has become the fourth player in league history that won a third Finals MVP award.


Another interesting year for the Spurs. This was the year of Parker’s domination. It was the first time that San Antonio won the game with Parker winning the Finals MVP.


Probably the most interesting year of them all. The team has changed almost completely and everyone was afraid of it. But, the fear was gone the minutes they’ve seen the team on the ground. It was one of the best years for the Spurs.  It was more than a basketball, it was beautiful, almost transcendental experience.

The man behind The Spurs

Every great team has an even greater leader. Gregg Charles Popovich the man behind the Spurs. He’s been one of the greatest leaders in NBA history. He won 5 NBA championships as a head coach of the Spurs, which isn’t an easy thing to do. Because of that, he’s also known as “Coach Pop”. The Spurs are lucky to have him as a coach. Together, they can conquer the world and stay the number one basketball franchise with the highest winning percentage.

The Spurs and Greg Popovich are like one. They support and motivate each other, which is the most important thing in life. And, what’s even more important, both of them have the biggest support from the people of San Antonio. San Antonio is proud of each game they’ve ever played and happy to have them in their own town just as we are at Reilly Roofing San Antonio.



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