One of the fastest growing cities in the US, San Antonio, is located at the corner of the Texas Triangle. It’s a city with a long history and a rich culture that has a lot to offer. With many attractions, it isn’t surprising that there are over 26 million tourists every year. If you’re planning to go to San Antonio, or you’re a local that wants to get to know his town a little better, follow our guide on things to do in San Antonio.

1. Take a walk at the River Walk

One of the best ways to meet the city is through a walk. Take a walk along the San Antonio River and enjoy the view. Fill your batteries, energize yourself and meet your city even better. The River Walk is also known as Paseo del Rio and it has a long history. If you want to find out more about the River Walk, be sure to visit it.

2. Go to the Alamo Mission

The Alamo Mission is one of the most famous destinations in San Antonio, which isn’t surprising since it has a long and important history. Nowadays, the Alamo Mission serves as a museum, so if you want to learn about San Antonio’s history, take a tour at the museum. Make sure to stop by at the gift shop to take the souvenirs.

3.  Take your family on safari in Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

If you want to experience something new and fun, be sure to visit a Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, a drive-thru safari in San Antonio. Take your family to the real-life biology class and let them meet more than 500 animals of 40 different species. Don’t be afraid, predators are not included.

4. Visit the SeaWorld

If you’re more into the water animals, and you’ve always wanted to see the dolphins, sea lions and penguins, stop by the SeaWorld. It’s beautiful theme park perfect for you and your kids. Have fun, relax and enjoy, you certainly won’t forget this wonderful experience.

5. Take a Ghost Tour

One of the most interesting things to do in San Antonio certainly is to go to the Ghost Tour. Learn more about the town’s history through ghost stories. Don’t forget to wear sneakers, you will have to walk for more than a mile.

These are only a few suggestions on what to do in San Antonio, but there’s much more to do. If you’re interested in art, don’t forget to visit San Antonio Museum of Art and a Majestic Theatre. If you’re coming with the kids, take them to Morgan’s Wonderland or to the kid’s museum – DoSeum, they will have something to remember and to write about in their homework.  So, grab your favorite pair of sneakers and go have some fun. Get to know this beautiful city and enjoy your day off in San Antonio.

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